Adigraf Adhesive White Mat Paper 240 gr


The our Photo Paper,Films,textile for plotter ink-jet are treated with a coating on the surface and allows very high resolution prints up to 5760 dpi with a 30% saving ink.


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   Adigraf Adhesive White Mat Paper 240 gr

Adigraf Adhesive White Mat Paper 240 gr

Adigraf  Adhesive  White  Mat  Paper  240  gr

Our media for plotter guarantee a very high resolution grade.

Our Photo Papers, Films, Textiles, and all other media for plotters of our range, are treated with a special coating on their top surface. Thanks to this special coating, our products allow very high resolution printing, reaching up to 5760 dpi, and permitting up to a 30% of saving of ink.

They are suitable for high-quality reproductions, outdoor billboards and posters.
The high resolution properties of our media for plotter permit to obtain printings with vivid and brilliant colors. They can be used for printing imagines destined to indoor and also to outdoor, since they have being treated in order to be to be water resistant. Our media for plotter are compatible with both, water-based inks for indoor, and inks for outdoor. Thanks to their quality, our media for plotter do not require the creation of any specific profile. They simply work perfectly just using the standard profiles present in your plotter machine like : HP, Epson, Mimaki, Mutho etc ..

Our media for plotter are used to realize high-quality color printings, posters and billboards for outdoor, etc…

Our company is specialized in the production of media for plotter, since over 20 years. We were among the pioneers of this market; we sell our range of media for plotter all around the world. Our customers are fully satisfied with our products; our range of media for plotters includes photo papers, adhesive vinyl, printable fabrics etc.…

Prices of our media for plotters are absolutely very competitive, because purchasing from us means purchasing directly from the manufacturer. You simply can’t find better conditions…

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