About Us

Adigraf is a company specialized in providing products for the graphic arts. With experience in the market for more than 20 years, we have aimed to provide customers with high levels of satisfaction and profitability, through the quality of our products.
It is the easiest way to order at any time, every day, without moving, anywhere. Our team appreciates the trust our customers have placed in us, and that put us in the position we occupy today. Your confidence and your support are the key to achieving that sweet spot. Without you, our project would not make sense. So, we hope to continue to count on your trust in the future.


Calibrated Paper Thickness

Calibrated cards available in 8 different thicknesses (0.05mm-0.10mm-0.15mm-0.20mm-0.25mm-0.30mm-0.40mm-0.50mm) for an undercoat ottimale.Lo color scheme facilitates the recognition of our spessore.

I cards are safe with an anti-skid coating for optimum stability, no pushing and twisting in macchina.Sono products so as to prevent the ingress of moisture and prevent undesirable trends of raggrinzimenti.Alta dureza of cartoné obtained with método calibration, resist pressure of 60tons / cm2. Prevent dot gain.

Calibrated Paper
Wash up cloth Mini Rolls

Wash-Up Cloth

BLUE and WHITE DRY WASH-UP CLOTH for Machineries with automatic blanket cleaning system.
High quality wash-up cloth – Excellent cleaning properties and competitive price. Any other dimension available on demand.

Ready to use Mini Rolls of wash up cloth for Machineries with automatic blanket cleaning systemSuitable for: Heidelberg, Kba, Komori, Man Roland, Mitsubishi, Muller Martini, Polly, Ryobi, Shinohara… Any other dimension is available on demand.

Also available in Rolls of 500 meters length.

Ink Duct Foil

The introduction of Heidelberg’s revolutionary CP Tronic system in the s has established a whole range of consumable products which require regular replacement to ensure the optimum performance from this process.

Paper for plotter

Adigraf has specialized for years in the production of cards for plotters, all our cards are pure cellulose treated with special coatings which can obtain prints of the highest quality with a saving of 30% of inchiostro.Questo thanks to the coating that we created and tested for years with our customers.

Our range of cards is divided into cards for plotters with water-based inks and papers for plotters with solvent inks and eco-solvent. Since we are manufacturers, you will surely find interesting and very competitive our prices.